Political drawing. I do not know who the artist is I cannot read the name. We picked this up at an estate sale in Dallas many years ago.
This is a print. I accidentally broke part of the glass and it has messed up the frame. Still a good print in good condition. Will sell and ship out of frame.
I do believe this is a print. It seems the orginal hangs at Duke University. With the research I have done I could find no other prints of this map. It is in good condition. No cracks in the glass and seems to be a sturdy frame.
This is a Replica by Alva Museum. It is in great condition. No chips or breaks. I have done some research and it seems the 1959 is hardest to find.
$300 (orig. $690) ROCKER RECLINER In great condition; this was in my husband's study & was not used a lot; we just moved & it doesn't fit in his study here at the new house Camel color LANTANA (Reata subdivision) PICKUP


New England Corsair couch was never used just been moved a lot... very comfortable